I don’t necessarily need a companion to be happy, no one does actually. They may provide addition reasons but definitely not be the sole source of my happiness. The world has so much to offer and I could be wasting time moping around but why bother? There’s more people, places, events to experience. Fuck being sad and upset when my energy could be going elsewhere

When I was single I felt like I had more contact with myself. Iono what the fuck happens with my mind 

Keep talkin but your words won’t mean shit to me. Actions speak louder than words. 


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The moment someone points out the things that have came out of my mouth from the past is the same moment I’ve acknowledged my respect for that person. Even if that evidence was used against me, perhaps in a hypocritical sense. At least I know someone was paying attention.

I hate feeling like this. I hate being so fuckin emotional, crying over every fucking thing whether it’s insignificant or not